Maintenance & restoration

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Achilles Yacht restoration
A24 "Goskar" with its reworked interior.
Photograph by Ron Dustow.

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking about replacing the metal beam in the middle of my Achilles 9m because its extremely rusted. Is this easy to do? Brgs Cris

    1. Hi, I suggest you post the question on the Flickr site where it is more likely to get attention. I have not changed mine but IIRC how it is fitted at the bottom I would not expect it to be that difficult assuming you can get the old one out, it would probably be necessary to have the mast down to reduce the pressure on the post from the weight of the mast and the pressure of the rigging. If you have the mast down and are replacing the support post I'd also check the packing between the mast step and the post, on Sancerre that was rotting but it is a straightforward job to replace (with marine play + glass) when the mast down. John