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Ads can be placed directly by owners as comments to this page, also when the admin(s) is/are not sailing (I sail a lot!) more fulsome ads with multiple pics can be arranged, e-mail first to enquire on availability of someone to do it. A link to another site (e.g. eBay, a blog page, etc.) is preferred but adds or pages can be built from text and pictures sent by email. 

To keep this page to a reasonable length and to avoid wasting peoples time please notify admin or delete your post if the item is sold or otherwise not available.

Posting "for sale" as comments to this page:

Please ensure you include the type of boat (when applicable) and a contact e:mail if contact details are not included on a linked page.  Please keep descriptions in comments brief so that the page does not get over long.

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Posts will be sent to a moderator for approval before appearing on the site. Anything not reasonably related to Achilles yachts or trade ads are unlikely to be accepted. 

Note for buyers:

  •  The Flickr site cannot be used for advertising but you may find some (old?) pictures of boats mentioned here on the site, either in the group or owners photo stream or imbedded in a discussion topic, the search function may, or may not be useful. 
  • Adverts were all current on 21st November 2021.

Achilles 24

Achilles 24 "Goskar" for sale
Achilles 9m

Achilles 9 metre "Blue Skies" for sale
Blue Skies
Achilles 9 metre "Spearhead" for sale

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  1. From: Niels Kristensen
    Date: 1 April 2022 at 12:49:17 BST
    Subject: Fwd: Achilles 24 for sale in the Netherlands
    Dutch only = Dutch online (automatic spelling 'correction')

    -------- Doorgestuurd bericht --------
    Onderwerp: Achilles 24 for sale in the Netherlands
    Datum: Fri, 1 Apr 2022 13:42:06 +0200
    Van: Niels Kristensen

    good day,

    on Marktplaats, a Dutch only marketplace there is an Achilles 24 for sale. As it is not named as such in the title it may not get much attention. To be clear I don't know about the boat or the owner. I do think the Achilles 24 is a fine boat and under different circumstances I would be interested in owning one :)

    This is the link:

    cheers, greetings from Holland