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  1. A24 Rolling boom. Please contact Brian 07932056406 brianmday@hotmail.co.uk

  2. A24 Sails wanted, Roller reefing Genoa, main and spinnaker. Contact rhys_tadman@hotmail.co.uk.

  3. A24. I have have an Achilles 24 with outboard that goes through cockpit. Locking for plug or mould for plug.
    Mark Stokes Tel: +447368193672 mark@engforensics.com.

  4. A24 complete mast or broken mast that still has the spreader sockets or just the sockets for the 1970’s Proctor mast. John Thompson
    01646 603701 jthom1984@hotmail.co.uk

  5. I am looking at restoring an A24 with a broken mast. Does anyone have a mast for sale? davidwlwilson@yahoo.co.uk

    1. Hi I am still desperately needing the spreader moulded spacers that go between the mast and tge spreader tubes If you have found a mast could you possibly sell me these

  6. Hello,
    Does anyone have the time and patience to help refurbish my dads Achilles 24 Bobtail. Sail number 488, currently lying in Fowey. She was a labour of love but unfortunately the gentleman that was working on her has found internal osmosis!
    This is our third Achilles 24, my fathers was Welsh Lady from new Southampton. Boat Show 1978. Mine was Bluefinn which I spent 11 years restoring but the osmosis on Bobtail is just a stretch to far for my renovation talent. Does anyone have a big shed and hull drying capabilities?
    We bought her as a surprise for my dads 90th pre Covid in a very sorry state from Toms yard Polruran. She has been sat with Fresh water in her for 8 years or so!
    I would be very interested if someone out there has a triple keel that we could buy preferably light blue while Bobtail is being restored. Also I would be happy to buy her back from the restorer for the time and money spent bringing her back to life. Or just happy to see her go to a good home.
    I can’t bring myself to scrap her and we appeared in the All at Sea publication October 2021 if anyones interested.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi John, I think this would stand a better chance on the Flickr site and / or on the blog section of this site so it is seen by any visitor, but I have to say the cost of effectively paying someone to do it is likely to be prohibitive.