This page is for recommendations of, and links to, suppliers of hard to source chandlery, parts, fixings etc. and recommended suppliers of parts or services, especially those with experience of Achilles type yachts. Also recommendations of more general products likely to be used on an Achilles.

It is here on a trial basis following a request / recommendation, if supplier recommendations are not forthcoming from others it will be removed.

Post recommendations under comments and Admin will transfer them to the page proper when time permits. If a photo is appropriate email it to admin or post to the blog via email and admin will transfer it to here deleting the original post. The number of photos will have to be limited if the page gets over long.

Recommendations that do not include the following will not be approved by Admin:

  • The name of the person recommending.
  • A brief description of the items supplied.
Optionally and preferably:
  • The good or service supplied and to which type of boat if relevant.
  • Date(s) that the good or service was supplied.
  • Location and / or a web site link.
If your recommended supplier is already included please submit your own, two or more are worth more than a single!

Chandlery, Fasteners, Materials, Rigging.


Recommended by John Lashbrook
Supplied 2019-2021

Stainless Fasteners, tube, connectors etc.


Recommended by John Lashbrook
Supplied: 2020

Bronze screws.


Recommended by John Lashbrook
Supplied: 2017 - 2021

Hardwood marine ply, Teak, Sapele (West African version of mahogany)

Jimmy Green

Recommended by John Lashbrook
Supplied 2018 - 2021

Check prices but generally good value cordage, good range of rigging fittings, discounts for 50 or 100 m lengths and often a good selection of reel ends. Good range of anchor chain including 7mm grade 40 (in my view a good compromise of weight vs strength for an A9m). "Standard" drogues.
Quality splicing including wire to rope (not for me since c2019 as I do my own braid on braid and cable laid ropes). 


Supplies: Anti-fouling
Recommended by John Lashbrook
Supplied 2018-21

"Shoegun" Anti-foul: very good if you follow the instructions, it worked OK but for the price I was not that impressed with early applications as it came off easily, those were done for me quickly by pros on a sea-lift (2 coats in an afternoon and back into the water next morning) with proper preparation, a reasonable gap between coats and time to dry before launch it worked very well, see pics and comments on Flickr:, and the pic "Best in Test" on a PBO review (link valid Dec 21,a pdf download is available from that page and is in places easier to read).

Pellerclean: Expensive but the best antifoul I have tried for propellers and shafts. See pics and comments on flickr: and

Sails & Canvas

Kemp sails (Rob Kemp's father has had an A840 since new and an A24 before that)

Recommended by: John Lashbrook.
Supplied for A9m (2018-2021): 

Symmetrical full radial Spinnaker, #1 Genoa, Selden Spinnaker pole, Stack pack, sail modifications and repairs.
Heavy Weather Jib & Storm Jib via their e-sails on line outlet,  minimal service, measure your own, fairly low tech, fewer options, upgrades etc. but it means these items are significantly cheaper than using Kemp's full service operation.

Hyde Sails

Recommended by: John Lashbrook.
Supplied for A9m (2017, 2018): 

Snuffers for Symmetrical spinnaker and cruising chute that work well. Spinnaker Launch Bag which I marginally prefer to that which came with the Kemp Spinnaker.

Quay Canvas, Deacon's yard, Bursledon

Supplies: Canvas and upholstery.
Recommended by: John Lashbrook
Supplied: Dodgers, upholstery - berth cushions and covers. (2017-19)

A very busy small operation with no web site, probably only suitable for locals.


Electronics, charting, software.

Antares Charts

Recommended by: John Lashbrook
Used for my circumnavigations of GB 2020-

Dead cheap @ £15 for almost 600 charts each covering a vary small area in great detail and with brief but excellent notes. Runs on a number of free viewers / charting systems but probably best on Memorymap and integrated with their cheap admiralty charts. Runs on PC, iPad, iMac & Android. 

Supplies: various marine network converters, multiplexers & accessories
Recommended by John Lashbrook
Supplied: 2019

QK-A032-AIS NMEA 2000/0183 Bi-directional Gateway, converts to and from NMEA 2000 and NMEA0183, includes a NMEA0183 - USB connection and broadcasts both NMEA feeds on wifi. Does what it says on the tin.

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